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Just for Today Do Not Worry.

Just for Today Do Not Anger.

Honor Your Parents, Teachers and Elders.

Earn Your Living Honestly.

Show Gratitude to Everything

Dr. Mikao Usui


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The office of A Step Forward is currently closed

as I am taking a healing sabbatical. 


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Information on Chronic Lyme Disease
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and Links and Resources about Chronic Lyme Disease.




"On Love"

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  1. Totem To Tem  Drum Circles To Go

  2. Community Drum Circle

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Lon Michael Jackman  Musician/Healer



Shamanic Practices of the Elders

With Jim and Sue Graywolf Petruzzi of

Graywolf Healing Journeys

Dates to be announced - Please check back


 A 2-day workshop designed for people with some background in energetic indigenous healing practices.

 Jim is a Chanupa carrier (sacred pipe) and Sweat Lodge pourer in the Lakota way and a Keeper of Medicine in the Mayan tradition.  Sue the keeper of a sacred drum and Reiki and energy work healer.


Crystal Bowls Meditation

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Laura Hackel


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