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Past Life Regression Hypnosis Group Session

At A Step Forward LLC in Candia New Hampshire


Come experience a hypnotic induction that

will bring you back to places and times in past lives


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  • Have you always felt drawn to learn more about a past life or existence?


  • Regression opens doors for us to help us discover reoccurring themes in

 relationships and behaviors. 


  • It also can bring clarity for our soul journey.


  •  Sessions are designed to bring peace and comfort.

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$30 Discounted Group Rate:  Early registration is advised -  space is limited.

Diane Gelinas, M.S.W., Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher

A Step Forward, LLC

(603) 483-0132


Private sessions may be scheduled at this time

Diane Lynn Gelinas, has her Masters in Social Work, and is a Consulting Hypnotist and Reiki Master Teacher.  She has over twenty years experience in teaching and counseling and is a college professor and workshop trainer. 


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Meet Your Spirit Guides

New Group Date Can Be Set Anytime There is Enough Interest.

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What is the difference between Master Guides, Guardian Angels and Angelic Guides?  Can a loved one that has crossed over, become your guide?  Do you have an animal guide or totem and are our pets still watching over us after they have crossed.  If you have not yet made contact or are unsure about Guides in your life, this two-hour session will review some of the basics.  It also includes a hypnosis session designed to help you meet your Guides.  Group session rate: $45 for early registration

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Healing Grief

Individual appointments may be scheduled


If you are grieving the loss of any loved one, this session will help you learn different methods and ideas on ways to cope throughout the year.  Participants will also learn ways our loved ones that have crossed over can still communicate with us.  Includes a  hypnosis session that is designed to help clients find more healing and peace with the passing of loved ones who have transitioned to spirit.    Group Session Rate: $30   Private Rate Information on Bottom of Page 


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 Weight Loss Through Hypnosis and Coaching

5 Week Course

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Make The Change 

Get Empowered

Get Support

Get Weekly Coaching

  • Are you struggling with weight loss or yo yo dieting?

  •  Are your worried about your health and being overweight?

  •  Do you want to finally have extra energy, fit in your clothes and feel healthy?

This five week session will arm you with some valuable information that will lead you on the way to living and eating in a healthy and lasting lifestyle ...and lose weight.  Learn how to use the Law Of Attraction to help you with your goals for your new lifestyle change. Use the power of your subconscious mind with group hypnosis that will be individually tailored and personalized for you during the session.  You will be taught how to do self hypnosis during the course.  Get bi-weekly coaching that will support your goals and weight loss program.  This meets every other week from April 27th to June 22nd so clients will be able to track their weight loss and gain support through various stages of their journey and success.  One hour investment of your time every week - and leave with a feeling of empowerment and hope.    $120

What Former Clients Wrote About This Course - Testimonials

"Diane Gave Me The Motivation To Believe in Myself. I can Do This! Philip F.

"Diane is an excellent instructor.  So nice to have a professor...teaching style is awesome."  Denise B.

"This course enabled me to focus and be more aware of my diet and habits.  It is a nice easy approach rather than the hard nose authoritarian type of course." AK

"Diane furnishes a wealth of encouraging information to her Weight Loss Class participants.  She is a strong leader and functions as a Personal Trainer to each member of her class.  The hypnosis acts as a reinforcement to the information learned and keeps the level of motivation high and going.    Plus she makes everything FUN." Veronica Flynn Hewitt


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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Individual appointments may be scheduled at this time

As a former smoking I know how great it feels once you are able to start living life as a non smoker.  This session will empower you with information to stop smoking immediately and will include a group hypnosis session.  If you have tried to quit before come to this session.  There is no such thing as failure.... as long as you keep trying.  You can be successful this time!  $35


Hypnosis and Conquering Fears of the Dentist

Individual, private sessions now being scheduled. 

Group Session Date to be announced soon

Group hypnosis session designed for both adults and teens to relieve fears associated with going to the dentist.  Learn ways you can make your appointments, stress free, calm and even enjoyable.

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Sleep Soundly

Individual, private sessions now being scheduled. 

Group Session Date to be announced soon

Are you one of the many people suffering from chronic or occasionally insomnia.  Perhaps menopausal symptoms are taking their toll on you, or stress is keeping you from a good night's sleep?  More than 100 million Americans of all ages regularly fail to get a good night's sleep.  This two hour workshop and group hypnosis session will review some of the basics problems that may cause sleep disturbances and some remedies and resources to help.  The session will end with a group hypnosis session designed to promote a better nights sleep and instructions on how you can continue with self hypnosis on a nightly basis.

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Hypnosis private sessions are available for:

Weight Loss           Smoking Cessation          Stress Management

Conquering Fears               Past Life Regression

Meet Your Spirit and Angelic Guides

Healing Grief          Sleep Soundly

And More....

Individual, hypnosis sessions generally last an hour and 15 minutes and are $75 a session.  The first consultation session is $95 and is 90 minutes long.  Package Plans Discount Rates are also available.   For registration for group sessions and workshops, click on below.


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