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  Winter Newsletter 2013

On Love


As we begin 2013 there are many shifts and changes that we all are facing on our journey – both on our planet and in our own personal worlds and lives.  Many of us have ended or started the year with exiting new plans and joy.  For some of you, however, there are painful transitions, grief and loss.   I know from my personal journeys that your grief and sorrow will be returned to you in love ten-fold and in ways you will never expect.  So hold on to hope. Hold on to love.


This quarter’s newsletter is dedicated to one special soul that transitioned over in 2012.  His family and friends, including myself, still miss this gentle and dear man and always will.  Yet the “love” that he left behind and his legacy is one that will always be healing far after his physical presence has left.  I had the honor of training Marcel Riel to become a Reiki Master many years ago and like many of my students I received and learned so much more from him than I ever could have given.  Below is a poem he wrote and gave to me many years ago when he knew I was grieving the death of a beloved pet.  I know it will be a small but hopefully significant part of some my readers healing path these next months.

Marcel Riel

On Love

Love has many faces.  Like a wisp of smoke it silently enters a heart and gives itself unto itself.  It lifts a heart to greater knowledge of itself through compassion, understanding, sharing, and just by the being of itself.

As it enters, so must it leave so other facets of love can also know its many gifts.  As the wisp may show its tenderness, so must it show its thorns, as that of silent tears which finds the duct of the inner eye, to grace its presence on the outer eye.

 Just like the eagle as it soars to places unseen, it must at a time return back to its high cliffs as an observer.  It must also be the observed, only to leave again for places unseen to search and seek that which is unknown.


The thirst of love can never be quenched by a single droplet as that thirst seeks the river of life to know itself as itself.  Love is the greatest gift and cannot be seen by the human eye, not can it be understood by that of the mind.  Only through the eyes of the soul can you touch that which you cannot understand.  Love must continue to grow by the giving of it if it is to know growth.  It yearns to know more about itself, and that can only be done by the sharing of itself.

As I See It...Marcel Riel



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