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May 2004


Personal Mission Statement

 In 1994, I was fortunate to have participated in a Leadership Workshop entitled "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."  As part of the part of this workshop, we all had to write our Personal Mission Statement.  The instructions were to determine the most important areas of our lives and goals and write a statement, much like a Corporation or Business does to focus on a Mission.  Every so often, I review my statement to make sure I am still on track.  If you haven't done this type of exercise,  I would encourage to sit down this month and give this a try.  It will definitely make an impact and difference in your life.

I will always strive to see...

       the beautiful wild flowers in the field,

       the rolling hills and the majestic mountains.

I will strive to see every situation as something that I can learn and grow from.

I will teach others what I have learned.

I will constantly strive for transformation.

I will constantly strive to be a facilitator of transformation to all I touch.

I will live each day to the fullest.

I will always strive for my personal best and be tolerant, patient and forgiving when I stumble.

I will always take time to play and be childlike.

I will surround myself in ALL areas of my life with positive, supportive, nurturing, experiences, situations and people.

If there are honkers on the highway of life, I will choose not to match negative energy and honk back or I will choose a more peaceful road with less honkers.

I will not tolerate injustice or abuse of others or myself and I will strive not to be unjust with others.

I will balance all areas of my life, work, family, friends, relationships and leisure.

I will allow myself to be a couch potato when I need to be and I will also strive to achieve success - defined by my own standards.

I will create.

I will write.

I will heal.

I will teach.

I will transform.

I will not hold back my dreams and ambitions with limited thinking.

I will follow the beat of my own drummer and create my own future and finds ways to do this with financial stability.

I will always dare to dream, take risks and make changes to achieve my goals.

I will be kind, supportive and affirming to all people and go the extra mile.

I will proclaim and cherish my rarity and uniqueness.

I will choose wisely.

I will meditate and constantly pursue inner harmony and share my gifts and insights with others.

I will rejoice in every new day and lesson.

Thoughts for the Month

Patch Adams' Top Ten Things To Do

1.  Pick up all the trash in an area of your hometown; be its guardian.  Tell others about it.

2.  Be friendly to everyone at all times, experiment outrageously.

3.  Offer a shoulder or foot rub in any environment.

4.  Always speak up for justice, no matter how much it costs.

5.  Go once a week to nursing homes to cheer people up as a friend.

6.  Turn off your TV and become interesting.  Perform yourself.

7.  Consider being silly in public.  Sing out loud.  Wear funny stuff.

8.  Find ways to need a whole lot less money; share beyond belief.

9.  Have potlucks frequently, with neighbors, co-workers, strangers.  Work toward living in extended families.

10.  Take your vacations in your own hometown and spend the money working on projects there that help build community.


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