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August 2005


 The Gathering

I had the privilege of attending a gathering for a family reunion and Celebration of Life Service last July.  When the subject of this monthly newsletter came up, I had no doubt in my mind that sharing my experience  was the topic for this month.  It was truly a phenomenal experience beyond print and words, however I will give it a try.

 Several of the family members had not seen each other in years.  Some of them have never met.  Their father who had died at the young age of 58 was an abused spouse and his wife was able to keep the family members from each other for years by lies and threats.  The sadder part of the story is that all of the children, nine of them, were also abused, both emotionally, and physically.  Some of the stories I heard reminded me of the book "A Child Called It."  Much like the true story in this book, these children have turned their lives around for good and have not continued the circle of violence.

That is the amazing part of this story.  The legacy this deceased soul has left behind in his children, grandchildren and even one great child, is truly a miracle.  I was able to see siblings, nieces, nephews and others share memories, love, laughter and joy.  There was no hatred or anger, just love.  Each of the children  has turned out to be a remarkable adult.  They are making a positive impact on the world despite all the horror and pain they suffered in their lives.  What makes it even more remarkable is to witness the love they extend to their children.  They have gone in the complete opposite direction of their upbringing with the woman that gave them birth.  Instead of anger, and hatred and violence, they are raising their children in love, and peace and kindness. 

I know their father is looking down at them now and is more at peace than he has ever been.  In order to give you more of a true flavor of these remarkable offspring I have added a link to a blog page of one of the grandchildren Jeremy.  We had intended on playing music at the Celebration of Life Service, however, had equipment problems.  The young Jeremy, knew his grandpa loved Elvis, so volunteered to end the service with an Elvis song.  Click below to Witness.

You Ain't NOTHING But A Hound Dog - Young Elvis Back From The Grave.

Jeremy wrote the following about his grandpa:

Life and Death

"Yesterday I experienced life and death.  I woke up on Sunday at 6:30 a.m. to find out my grandpa died in Oshkosh Wisconsin at 4 a.m.  A couple weeks before he died he promised me he would go fishing with me.  He also promised to play me in a game of chess.  When I said my final goodbyes, before he was cremated, I promised I would play chess and  go fishing with his spirit.  I'm not a person that believes in God but that doesn't mean I can't believe his spirit roams and half flows through another's body.  Also I told him I would tell my, at the time yesterday, 8 hour old nephew, Sabin all about him.  Talking about the death part is making me teary eyed so I'm going to talk about the life part.  My baby nephew was born on Saturday at 10:52 p.m.  His name is Sabin.  I went to visit him for an hour and man did I want to leave with him yesterday.  I will get pictures of him and post them here in a couple of hours after.  Well I think part of my grandpa's soul is in Sabin.  But the rest is all  Sabin.  Now I have to go to school. Bye-Bye."

Jeremy Brooks

If you would live to see Jeremy's Blog page and write him please go to:

He loves to have people write him.




Thoughts for the Month

Love is not a doctrine.

Peace is not an international agreement.

Love and Peace are beings who

live as possibilities in us.

M.C. Richards


A bit of fragrance

always clings to the hand

that gives your roses.

Chinese proverb

From the unreal lead me to the real

From the darkness lead me to light

From death lead me to immortality

The Upanishads



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