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December 2011

Are You Living The Life You Would Want To Be Living?...."


As we close this year, we often reflect back on things in our lives that have happened.  Lessons we have learned, important people in our lives that have come and gone, goals that we have meet or still trying to attain.  One question that I often ask my students in my Death and Dying classes as well as my Holistic Health classes is a question poised by Dr. Bernie Siegel.  In fact I asked it to a client the other day.  ďAre you living the life you would want to be living if this was the last month of your life?Ē   If the answer is ďNoĒ then donít wait until tomorrow to make changes.


 At the end of this year I would suggest to look back and ask yourself the following questions. Do you wake up in the morning feeling happy, excited about the day, joyful or even blissful?  Being happy with yourself and life does not necessarily mean being problem free.  We can have problems and stress in our lives and still maintain a state of joy.  The key is to turn the negatives into a learning situation and into something positive.   

Try an experiment this next week.  Think about the common emotions you have on a weekly basis.  If the negative ones outweigh the positive, decide to make a change.  You can choose how you feel.  Remaining in a comfort zone and never challenging ourselves leads to boredom, stagnation and a joyless life. 

How do we make these changes?  One step at a time.  Change the way you look at something and you will be amazed as to how it and everything around you changes.  Your reality and perception of your world is in your own hands, or your own mind.

For example, if an anniversary date brings you painful memories try shifting your perspective that day.  Try thinking about something positive that day you can celebrate about the person, animal or situation and turn a negative into a positive.

 The one thing that we all can do that will have an immediate affect in our lives is to simply change our attitude.  What we focus our attention on, manifests in our lives.  If we constantly focus on something we really want, believe it will happen, and are joyful and excited about it, it will manifest. The more we think about something the more it appears in our lives. That is why what we donít want constantly appears because we constantly think about what we donít want and dwell on it.

So decide this month to think of love, healing and joy for yourself and others and see what happens with just this change alone.

In addition to a new attitudinal focus, there are numerous ways to add positive and healthy changes in your life.   As most of you know already, Reiki is an ancient, relaxation technique that is now widely used in hospitals.  It is a great way to reduce stress, cope with pain and promote healing.  A Reiki One Certification class will teach you how to give Reiki to yourself as well as others and pets. 

 It is important to remember that there are no magic bullets.  There are many magic bullets.  You can give yourself Reiki all day long, but if you never exercise or donít eat right, you won't be that far ahead in the healing process.   Just keep adding more positive changes into your life everyday and soon you will be waking up joyful. 

The best way to start your day is with a great attitude.  Take some time every morning and think about all that you are grateful for in your life. Start everyday like this and you will soon be smiling more on the inside and outside.  That is the best New Years Resolution I think everyone can make! 

Wishing You Health, Healing and Joy

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