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December 2005



In this season of giving, it is the non tangible gifts that stay with us and mean the most.  I am very blessed and fortunate because in my life and work, I am able to meet inspiring people.  They come to me often in the guise of the label "student", however, any good teacher knows that a teacher must learn from their students as well as teach them.  When I did Hospice I always felt blessed to be able to share in the healing and sacredness of those crossings.  Now, in my private practice and adjunct teaching, I am still constantly surrounded with examples of miracles and healing.  Just recently at our monthly Reiki Share a practitioner shared the following story:

"I just spent ten days in Italy.  A friend of mine who is an Episcopal priest is also a tour guide.  He and his wife took twenty of us on a wonderful pilgrimage.  I knew just about everyone so it made it a comfortable trip.  He was allowed to celebrate communion in the Catacombs and in a chapel in the church where St. Francis Of Assisi is buried.  We went to the Coliseum and I tapped into all the emotion that is still there.  So much fear and despair.  I was very glad to get out of there.  So different from St. Francis's Church.  There was such a feeling of love and warmth there.  I sat in one of the benches and sent Reiki to him (St. Francis).  I noticed a man standing next to me and looking down at me.  He was in his late 30's, very thin, wearing a brown monk's robe.  He immediately disappeared.  Then I saw a field of grass superimposed over the alter.  All of the dogs that I've loved and who have died, came running across the field, frolicking and playing together.  So joyful!  What an experience!


After Reiki classes I often hear back from students and the changes it has made in their lives.  Recently someone wrote to me stating she had an anxiety disorder, however, since her Reiki Class and Attunement she has become totally different.  She is no longer anxious or out of control and is calm all the time. She was especially impressed and amazed with this as it was a busy time for her at work and school.  She also felt more creative and organized.  The icing on the cake for her was giving Reiki to her two children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  They have been sleeping better now and ask for Reiki every day.  Peace of mind, energy, and feeling refreshed at home and at work were her gifts and the gifts she now also shares with family and friends.

And another student wrote about a guided imagery exercise we did to open a Reiki Class. Her mother had died months earlier and the pain and loss was still agonizing.  During the guided imagery she saw her mothers face and felt her presence.  She was overwhelmed with love and peacefulness.  It was the first time in months she allowed herself to feel anything and she described the experiences as the greatest "gift" that she had ever been given.  Being able to come to terms with this loss was the most healing experience that ever happened to her.  During her attunement later that day she continued to feel warmth, love and peace. Every day now is a gift for her and she cherishes the control and peace she has found.

Last month I asked everyone to remember what we are grateful for in life.  This month, lets remember the gifts that we have been given and then "pay it forward" and give to others.  One simple way is to give to the Salvation Army volunteers when you walk by them during your Holiday shopping.  If you only have checks or credit cards on you then give them a smile and kind word..... that is just as giving and precious.  Most importantly find some special and healing way you can spread the gifts of joy and love  to everyone on your Holiday list.  Not with monetary purchases, but gifts from the heart.  These gifts  will be the ones remembered and the ones most cherished.



Thoughts for the Month

From Chapter Two, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" Deepak Chopra

"The universe operates through dynamic and receiving are different aspect of the flow of energy in the universe.  And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives."


"How can I give to others when at the moment I don't have enough myself?"  You can bring a flower.  One flower. You can bring a note or a card which says something about your feelings for the person you're visiting.  You can bring a compliment.  You can bring a prayer."


"The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift.  That is why this moment is called The Present."


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