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February 2007


Road Trip

There is a segment in the movie "The Secret" where Jack Canfield, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul", describes how if we are driving an automobile at night, the headlights will only allow us to see about 100 to 200 feet ahead of us at one time.  Take a moment and really think about this!  If we refused to go anywhere in life (metaphorically speaking or literally) because we couldn't see or be sure of the destination, we would be stagnant and stuck most of our lives.  Yet, how often do we all do this?  How many times do we want to be absolutely sure of where a road is going to take us before we go down it?  I sure know I have done this many times in my life.  I also know that the times that I have just "let go" and allowed the universe and my intuitiveness to guide me, I have never been sorry.....never!

Let's say we have a destination in mind.  Perhaps we want to drive to San Diego.  So one evening after work, we get in our car and start our road trip.  About two or three hours into the trip, it is getting dark and the sun goes down.  We become frustrated because we can no longer see very far in the distance.  All of a sudden the road signs are not visible (especially to us older folks) until we are right on top of them.  We are not even sure if it is the right road, or the best road to get us to San Diego the fastest route. So we start to get even more frustrated.  Remember, what we think about and what our emotional states is, attracts more of the same.  So things start to spiraling downward even faster now.  We take a few wrong turns.  We get more frustrated.  We finally pull over at a truck stop - we can't find any motels and just crash for the night. 

Now, let's take the same road trip to San Diego again. We leave the same time, and once again a few hours later it gets dark and we can only see 100 to 200 feet in front of us.  We decide to enjoy the ride instead of getting nervous or frustrated.  We put on some healing music or perhaps the comedy radio station.  We have a blast. Oh and we still take a few wrong turns.  Or are they really wrong turns?  Everything is perception.  The first "wrong turn" takes us to an out of the way small town.  We stop at the local dinner for a bite to eat and directions.  The waitress notices the book we are reading "The Secret", and starts to ask us about it.  The diner is slow that night so we end up having an extended conversation with her as she explains a series of tragic events that have occurred to her over the last few years.  As we leave the diner that night, we know that we have been able to give her some insight and hope for the future.

We take a few more "wrong turns" along the highway of life to San Diego.  Some times we met up with people that influence and help us.  That is ....if we notice them.  Sometimes we don't even end up in San Diego.  On our way there, we discover the beautify of Arizona and find our calling and our peace in a totally different location than the one we thought we were heading toward.  A totally different landscape (or career or life), yet one that is more fulfilling then we could have even imagined.

Having goals and directions are important.  Having them rule our lives and take over so much that we miss the spontaneity of life, is sad.  When we aren't living in the moment, it is a sad turn of events and a sad turn on the road.    Many years ago I read James Redfield's best seller "The Celestine Prophecy."  I recently saw the movie and was struck once again with the first insight.  It emphasized that as we take our journey on the spiritual path/road, we become more and more aware of the "coincidences" in our lives. Take this next month to just let go of the need to control every turn, and enjoy the road trip.  Notice who you met up with "by coincidence" and what message they give you and what message you can give to them.  Happy trails!


 Thoughts for the Month

"It is not the destination, but the journey that counts"

Joseph Campbell

"Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field all possibilities."

Deepak Chopra

"The most important keys in learning to take advantage of the various synchronicities in our lives are to stay alert and to make the time necessary to explore what is occurring.  In order to do this, each of us needs to create in our life a sufficient amount of what I call drift time - time where we are doing nothing but hanging out, clicking through stations on television, flipping through the newspaper, or walking down the street alert to the world around us.  If you think of a friend, drop by -  see what happens. "

James Redfield from the "Celestine Vision"


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