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January 2005

A Walk Through The Woods

This morning I took advantage of the pause in the winter weather we are having  and I took a jog through the woods with my husband and our dog Scooby.  As soon as I headed down the Rockingham Bicycle Trail path that is bordered by beautiful forest on each side, I was struck with spring fever and a sense of joy and aliveness -all the things that Spring means to most of us.  Half way down the path I encountered two women walking in the other directions.  The younger woman was power walking and the older woman was jogging next to her and challenging the younger one to keep up the pace.  I have never seen either of these women on the path before, and we hike or bike down it often.  The older woman looked up at me as we passed and a cheery and booming "Good Morning" sprang from her mouth.  She seemed to emit positive and glowing energy.  I was already in a good mood, however, she would have made even Scrooge smile.  I continued to jog for another mile and then stopped at a wooden bridge that in the spring time has a view of a marsh area where one can often see egrets, deer and beaver.  In the summer months, beautiful purple lavender plants fill in the whole marsh area as the water recedes.  Today, the marsh was frozen over.  The ice wasn't dirty or gray.  It was white and pure, almost as if it was surreal.  The beaver damn was gone and the water flowed down under the bridge in a rapid, babbling brook.  The sounds were meditative.

My husband and dog were further back on the trail talking to an old friend he met up with so I stood there alone and listened to the songs of nature and the water.  As I listened and saw the water flow under the bridge I was struck by the contrast this feeling, sight, smell and view of the water was to what our we have all witnesses on the news this last week with the Tsunamis.  I am sure your heart has broken as was mine, when witnessing or hearing about all the devastation and loss.  I also know that you all have been sending Reiki and prayers to all that have been effected.  I know this is a time of year that we all make resolutions  - or at least think about it.  Two things come to mind that I will be doing and would like to encourage all of you to do.  First, take the time to be in the moment.  Notice the smile of a stranger, the sound of a babbling brook and yes, even the white snow and ice storms that are most sure to come in the next weeks.  Don't take anything for granted and count your blessings daily.  Secondly, take  time each day to give back.  Even a $5 dollar donation to Unicef or the Red Cross makes a Big impact  - especially if we all do it and we do it on a monthly basis for awhile as it will takes months and years for those nations to recover.  We can also continue to send daily prayers and Distance Reiki

Despite the horror and loss we all may feel in our lives, or our global friends are feeling, it is important to remember the love, kindness, support and giving that people extend.  If we see this in the world we will not be overcome with sorrow.  A glowing smile of a stranger in the woods, and a healing sound of a gentle rush of water still exists and always will.



Thoughts for the Month

"You come to bring light where there seems to be darkness, to bring love where fear seems to be.  Remember the purpose of your soul..  Then such a time of darkness will seem less like an oppressive weight, but rather an opportunity.  Where can I see love here?
When, without even knowing the meaning of it, you say with every inhalation, "I choose love here.  I choose love," you will see the light change and the darkness dispel.  Your mind may say, "I don't understand what happened.  All I did was sit here for fifteen minutes choosing love."  Well, mind, that's all that is required.
The lifeline, the golden rope, is to know that there is such a thing as love, and in that moment you are empowered to choose it.  Just that.  Even if your heart is breaking and you feel on the edge of collapse, say, "I choose love."  By this mantra you silence the lifelong mantra that would choose fear."
from Emmanuel's Book Two.  Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton
"Everyday life is the path."
Zen Master Nan-Sen
"Love Until it Hurts."
Mother Theresa

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