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January 2011

How Pet’s Find Us And Enrich Our Lives


Animals provide so many blessings in our lives.  They give us unconditional love, humor, and emotional and physical health benefits.  We often think we choose our pets.  We might adopt them from Shelters or get them from friends or perhaps even find a lost pet.  But have you ever considered that there may be more to the story?  Have you ever considered that your pet and you may have been brought together because you were meant to find each other?  Perhaps you needed to have the pet in your life for healing or they needed to have you in their life for their healing.  Most likely it goes both ways.  Our spirit guides, angels and our departed pets (they often are guides watching over us after their transitions) help us find animals in our lives to provide healing and give us peace.  When my special (angel) border collie mix dog, Tickles, died several years ago it was at 4 p.m. in the afternoon.  The angel numerology meaning of this number is “Angels are With You.”  Days later I notice on my caller ID that at this time the same day, there was a message left by “Visiting Angels”.   I called the number and it was a Visiting Nurse Association but the woman said she never called me and it was also Memorial Day and she wasn’t working that day!  I know my little angel was giving me a message from the other side and she was/has always been near since her transition.  When we looked to find another dog we wanted to find another sweet angel, about 30 pounds like Tickles.  Everyone knows you can’t replace a pet so it was so hard to think how we could find a dog as sweet as her.  Then several months later I received at call from a student of mine who worked at the SPCA in Concord who told me her mom said that they had the “sweetest dog in the world there” and she knew we were looking for a small dog so we should come and see this dog.  We of course were expecting to see the reincarnation of Tickles.  What we saw was a 50 pound dog that look like a Pit Bull that had PTSD.  She wasn’t aggressive but was very nervous and afraid.  My husband stood there in absolute shock (and a little bit or horror) when he heard me tell the woman that I would take her home with us.  To this day, I have NO idea why I said I would do this!  I honestly think that somebody or some force took over my body and those words just came out of my mouth!   That dog was meant to come home with us.  The woman at the SPCA was right.  Scooby (we gave her a new fun name) did turn out to be the sweetest dog in the world.  Tickles is the sweetest in heaven.  With allot of Reiki, a lot of what Cesar Milan recommends…daily walks and love all day long, this dog that once had severe PTSD now runs up to the door to see who is ringing the bell so she can kiss them.  Our friends tell us that she was lucky to have found us, but we were lucky to have found her.

I have heard so many stories like mine over the years so I asked a couple other readers if they would like to contribute their stories this month.  Below you will read some very beautiful and inspiring true accounts.


 Getting Smokey

The very first "together" pet my husband, Walter, and I had was a Weimaraner dog named Smokey.  Since that time--sixty years ago--we've had five more Weimaraners; two Shih Tzu dogs; three Siamese cats and one Platinum Mink Tonkinese cat.  This last cat, Tonkie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 24 October of this year.  We had him for 16-1/2 years.

 Walter decided that he didn't want to go through "kittenhood" again.  He wanted an adult, male cat.  I was hoping that any cat we adopted wouldn't be so attached to his name that I could not re-name him Smokey.  Realistically, we know that this will be our last pet.  At our present ages, 96 and 84, we know that our next pet will outlive us.  I decided that I wanted to name our new pet Smokey so that we would have "bookend pets."  A Smokey was our first pet and I wanted a Smokey to be our last pet.  I mentioned to no one that I planned to re-name whatever cat we adopted. 

 A very dear friend, Karen, arranged for us to see a cat being fostered by a friend of hers.  I told Karen to please tell her friend that we would not be able to say immediately whether or not we would take the cat.  I explained that I had to "sleep on it;" to really think it over, pray over it and have an in-depth discussion with Walter before I could commit to taking the cat.  I also warned Walter not to act too enthusiastically about the cat for the same reasons.  Everyone was OK with this stipulation.

 The day came and we went to see the cat being fostered.  He was a beautiful, friendly, youthful-acting cat.  Because he is a shelter cat it is impossible to say whether or not he is pure bred but he has all the looks and qualifications of a Russian Blue--which is a breed I had specified that I wanted to adopt.  I fell in love with the cat the moment I saw him but I was bound and determined to take my time making up my mind whether or not this was the cat I wanted to give a "forever" home to.

 Karen's friend called the cat to get his attention, "Here Smokey!"  I couldn't believe it: the cat's given name is SMOKEY.  Now, how cool is THAT?

Veronica Flynn Hewitt

Aidan’s Journey

 One Sunday morning I woke up and had a strong feeling that we needed to go to church.  My husband and I are not religious nor do we belong to any specific church or church group.  However, we found a church . . . and off we went.  We both wanted to leave during the sermon because it was too brimstone and fire, but we were afraid to leave because we were not sure how this group of people would react to us leaving in the middle of the sermon.  We decided to stay.  At the end of the sermon (two very long hours later), an announcement was made that there was a kitten who needed to find a home quickly due to a divorce.  We received a call within 48 hours asking if we were still interested in adopting the kitten.  We went to pick him up and named him Aidan Jeremiah on the ride home, the same initials as the child we had lost about three years back.  We look back on it, astounded to this day.  We wouldn’t have Aidan if it was not for Divine Intervention one Sunday morning, planting the seed in my head to go to church.  So often we hear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but what about being in the right place at the right time?  Perhaps this is something we need to focus our attention on a little more—that it’s something to be grateful for.   

Alannah Joy Michaud


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"Who knew that dog saliva can mend a broken heart?”

                                                          Jennifer Neal


“Dogs are not our whole Lives, but they make our lives whole”.


                                                            Roger Caras





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