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July 2008


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Create Your Day

Here are a few questions to consider.  Do you wake up in the morning feeling happy, excited about the day,  joyful or even blissful?  If not every morning, do you wake up most mornings feeling this way?  My guess is that many of you will say that you do not.   Would you consider yourself to be generally happy?  I don't mean problem free.  We can have problems and stress in our lives and still maintain a state of joy.  Having anger or sadness will happen in our lives, however, if we process these feelings, they will not overwhelm us.  Instead we can turn the negatives into a learning situation and something positive.   

I encourage you this month to take an inventory.  Think about the  common emotions you have on a weekly basis.  If the negative outweighs the positive, decided to make a change.  You can choose how you feel.  You may not be in a good work situation or perhaps a good  home situation, however, you can change the way you respond and react to it.  Often times when we do this type of soul searching we may discover that it is time to make changes in our homes or jobs.  Remaining in a comfort zone and never challenging ourselves leads to boredom, stagnation and a joyless life.  Other times, if we simply change our attitude and reaction to things, miracles can happen.

How do we make these changes?  One step at a time.  There is no one specific thing you can do or add to your life that will make such drastic changes overnight.  Reiki is wonderful and very healing, but you can give yourself Reiki all day long and never exercise, eat right and have a negative attitude and you won't be that far ahead in the healing process.  However, adding things like Reiki or anything loving, healing and positive, is going to make a difference.  There is no magic bullet.  There are many magic bullets.  Just keep adding more and more positive things everyday and soon you will be waking up joyful. 

The one thing that we all can do that will have an immediate effect though  is to simply change our attitude.  Part of what "The Power of Manifesting a Darn Good Life" course will address this month is the "Law Of Attraction."  What we  focus our attention on manifests in our lives.  What we really really want, we get.  What we really really don't want, we also get.  The more we think about something the more it attracts and comes to us.  So decide this month to think of love, healing and joy for yourself and others and see what happens with just this change alone.  Take some time every morning and think about all that you are grateful for in your life.  Start everyday like this and you will soon be smiling more on the inside and outside.



Thoughts for the Month


"Stop focusing on what you do not have and shift your consciousness to an appreciation for all that you are and all that you do have."


"The choice is up to you.  It can either be

Good Morning, God! or Good God - Morning!"

Dr. Wayne Dyer




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