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July 2009


Christmas In July


Do you remember summer vacation when you were a kid?  Perhaps you have memories of the sound of the ice cream truck coming around the corner.  Perhaps you have memories of making sand castles at the beach.  As adults we lose a lot of the fun in life.  We lose a lot of the" play" time in our personalities.

Even when we plan vacation time with our families we often get too stressed before and afterward with all the preparation we have to do with playing catch up with our work schedules.  A year ago I called a client and I asked how she was doing. I will always remember her response.  She had Christmas music playing in the background and she was making Christmas cookies.  She made a practice every year of having Christmas in July.  Her children and her love the holidays so much that they decided they wanted to celebrate it more than once a year!  Now That is knowing how to live each day to the fullest!

Dr. Bernie Siegel writes in many of his books that in order for us to find true healing he encourages us to be childlike.  Not childish in our behavior, however, childlike.  When is the last time you skipped?  When is the last time you colored....beside one of my workshops?   When is the last time you ate cookie dough?  When is the last time you made a sand castle?

When you are taking your summer vacation this year - play as hard as you can.  If you don't get all your work done before and after your vacation, my guess is that it won't be a crisis.  Just let it go and enjoy yourself.  Bake some Christmas cookies this July!

Merry Christmas!

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