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July 2010

Take Out The Trash....And Follow That Rabbit


Meaningful coincidences, synchronicity…messages from spirit.  We have all read about these words, or even perhaps experienced these events in our lives.  Last month I wrote about being in the moment and taking time to “Just Be.”   The more we do this, the more we are able to experience the synchronistic events that occur around us all the time. 

As the clip from the movie “The Peaceful Warrior” states there are no such thing as ordinary moments.  It is just that we aren’t noticing things around us.  Spirit is giving us messages all the time.

Just recently I was in a beautiful nature preserve parking lot after a day trip.  My husband was busy doing a text message in the car before we left.  I looked out in front of our car and noticed a beautiful patch of flowers – a small garden in front of the car.  I was given a very, very strong message to get out of the car and walk around in the garden.   I did so.  This garden was not anywhere near the paths and designated hiking areas.   As I stood in the garden appreciating the serenity, (but also wondering if there was something more for me to see here since the message was SO intense), I looked over and saw a rabbit on a small foot path.  On the tree next to this rabbit was a small arrow that pointed down a path.  I felt like Alice in Wonderland.  This trail was not something anyone would find unless they happened to walk in the garden in this parking lot.  So, of course being a good pseudo Alice I followed the rabbit down the path and it led me to another beautiful little pond and quiet meadow behind some trees.

 I knew the message for me was twofold.  First it was symbolic; that I should continue to follow the path when there are signs and synchronistic events and remind others of this message.  And secondly, as a reminder that there are “no such thing as ordinary moments.”  Even waiting for your husband to finish a text message can be transformed into a sacred and spiritual adventure.

It is not uncommon after a hypnosis session for Past Life Regression or Meet Your Spirit Guides for a client to start to see license plates that have numerology messages or other types of messages.  Often birds or animals will start to appear as symbols. It isn’t that Spirit or our loved ones aren’t communicating with us, it usually is that we aren't noticing how they are communicating.  We might be expecting a visual image and instead they come to us with a physical feeling or sensation.  Or we may just have what John Edwards refers to as psychic amnesia and we might not fully comprehend that contact was made or fully comprehend the message.  

There are two more personal examples I can share this month that relate to this.  Recently I was sitting in a large, development circle to hear and give Medium messages.  I decided that night I would like to receive messages from my brother and my father.  There were around 20 people in the circle and when it came time to share the images that we had received I shared with the group some very detailed and strong impressions that I received from Spirit that night.  I wasn’t sure who they were for but I had no doubt about the images.  The first image was of a young man fly fishing.   The second image was of a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.  No one in the group that night could relate to these images for someone that had crossed over.  However, it didn’t concern me as I knew that someone would probably realize who it was for later and they would realize their loved one was there giving them a message.

Driving home later that evening it finally dawned on me, I was the one with psychic amnesia.  My brother Loved to fish and he was relatively young when he died and my father smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes all his life.   I was so busy trying to find messages for someone else I didn’t realize that the message was for me.  As I was laughing out loud about this I noticed a pick-up truck pull off the road right in front of me all of a sudden.  The license plates on the pick-up was “Kiddo,” a knick name my dad called me when I was young!

One last example I can share that illustrates this point is as follows.   I was recently giving a mediumship reading to someone who gave me permission to share this story.   I knew the deceased person that was coming through was an uncle and I asked that spirit give me some confirmation that the client would know for sure that his uncle was here.  I saw the uncle walking past the client in his kitchen when the client was young.  The uncle was reading the bible and would pat the young boy on his head when he walked past him.   When the client heard me say this he still wasn’t 100% convinced that it was his uncle so he asked me to ask his uncle what was the nickname that he called him when he was young.  I am not very good at names so I was a little disappointed that I had this question, however, I decided to try anyway.  I then heard “Methuselah” so I said it out loud.  It was Correct!  But Still, the client was doubtful as he thought he might have told me that in the distant past.   I agreed and said I may have heard that before.  I wanted to be honest, but I didn’t honestly remember it and I believed his Uncle told me that name again. I then told the client that I almost said “Danny Boy,” because I kept hearing those two words for some reason.  Now… client finally smiled and believed.  I noticed the smile on his face and asked him what was going on.  He then told me, when his uncle would walk by him and pat him on his head he would sing the song “Danny Boy.”

Spirit and messages whether they come in the form of rabbits, license plates, or dreams are around us all the time.  The more we just become still within, the more we see and hear.

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"If you could really see that tree over would be so astounded that you'd fall over.  It is just a tree in your mind.  To another mind it is an expression of infinite spirit and beauty.  In God's mind it is a dear child, sweeter than anything you can imagine."

The Way of the Wizard, Deepak Chopra

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