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June 2007


Hour of Harmony

In my college classes and in my private practice workshops, I will often talk about the importance of setting aside some time every day for relaxation and/or fun.  Most of the time, students will tell me they don't have time.  Their schedule is too busy with commitments from their career and families and they are under a lot of stress.  My response to them is a rhetorical question.  Do you have time to be sick?

Think about a time in your life that you were under a lot of stress.  My guess is that you eventually became physically ill and/or at the very least emotionally drained.  When this occurs we become less effective in our jobs.  We also can not enjoy spending time with family or friends.

Getting in the habit of carving out this time is the trick to making this work in your life.  If we make this a habit or ritual, then we will be more successful in achieving our goals.  Taking time out in your schedule should be just as routine as brushing your teeth every day. At first it may be difficult to do or even think about.  However, if you commit to giving this a trial run for just two weeks you will see results.

The results will be better physical and emotional health.  Even more importantly you will get more done in your work and home life.  When we are rested, relaxed and happy, we are more effective in the things we do.  We are actually able to accomplish more in less time. 

I recommend what I like to refer to as a "Hour of Harmony" to start each day.  If one hour seems like too big of a chunk of time, then start slow and just do fifteen minutes.  Keep increasing the amount of time slowly and soon it will be the most precious part of your day.  What you include in this time period should be individualized.  I make a practice of daily exercise, walks in nature, meditation and Reiki.  Some people may prefer spending the entire time in prayer.  This special time of the day should be tailored to your interests and needs. 

An important part of my book and the workshop "How To Live A Darn Good Life" stresses the importance of doing this.  The three women I coached, started doing this in their lives, and saw enormous results in a short period of time.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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"Do less - accomplish more."

Deepak Chopra


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