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June 2009


Be Still


Each month, as I prepare to write this newsletter I am given messages and inspiration as to the topic to share with my readers.  The message that I was given by my Guides over and over again this month was "Be Still."  Short and to the point. These two words say it all.

Be Still.  There doesn't need to be a lot of words written this month.  Just, "Be Still."

It is an assignment I often give to Reiki Master Apprentices.  Take a week (or a month) and just "be still" and notice the sounds around you more.  Notice the smells around you more this week.  Be still and notice the sights around you.  Be still and take time to notice how things feel.  Be still and just breath.

Some Baby Boomers may remember the following:

Master Po:  Close your eyes.  What do your hear?

Young Caine:  I hear the water.  I hear the birds.

Po: Do your hear your own heartbeat?

Caine: No

Po: Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?

Caine: Old Man, how is that you hear these thing?

Po: Young Man, how is it that you do not?

As Father's Day approaches, some of you may have losses and your hearts may ache for loved ones that are no longer on this earth's plane.  Be Still.  You will feel their presence and feel their love.

Just, Be Still.

In Light and Love



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