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March 2007


Blaming the Victim?

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus on is attracted to us.  Many times things are attracted to us by default.  In other words, what we don't want, keeps coming up in our lives and we get more and more of it because we keep focusing on what we don't want.  This happens whether we are conscious of the law of attraction or not.

When we don't want something in our lives and we get more and more upset with the situation, then our vibration is strong because our emotions are so strong.  When our thoughts and emotions are sending out this vibration...guess what.... more and more comes to us.

This doesn't mean we should never have emotions of grief, anger, sadness etc.  That would be unrealistic and unhealthy.  Anger is appropriate in many situations.  It is what we do with the anger that can be negative.  Grief needs to be processed and expressed when we are sad in order to move through the grief and heal.  The problem comes when we stay in the grief and are consumed by it. The problem comes when we let anger become a toxic emotion and behavior. 

Many people wonder how someone could attract illness to them or how could someone attract an assault.  Aren't we blaming the victim if we believe this?  I am sure you have struggled with this question as I have.  There are several explanations that seem to clear up this mystery for me.  I hope this monthly newsletter will also start the process for you to find your truth. 

What I have come to understand is that illness comes to us for many reasons such as genetic predisposition as well and internal and external stresses.  When we get ill,  it is a message that something is not right in our outer and inner world.  It is a message to look at the internal and external stresses in our lives.  So instead of blaming ourselves and getting upset with ourselves because we aren't thinking right or behaving in a way to attract the positive; we can choose to look at the stress in our lives, learn something from it, and turn things around.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, stumbles.  Everyone gets ill.  Illness is a way for us to take some time out and look at things closely.

Sometimes there is a physical cure to illness.  Sometimes there is not.  It doesn't mean there isn't another type of cure beyond the physical.  Dr. Bernie Siegel points out that "death is the ultimate healing."  As a former hospice worker I witnessed many healings.  Most of them were of the spiritual and psychological nature.  Illness gives us a time to reflect and turn things around.

So what about the person that is very young and is a victim of a violent crime.  Have they attracted this to them? Once again, if we think this way, aren't we blaming the victim?  One explanation is to remember that people attract by default.  For example, if you have a household filled with family members that are angry, abusive, disempowered and ill, there is going to be a lot of toxic and negative vibration in this environment.  When an innocent child is in this household day after day, their emotional guidance system and vibration gets lower and lower and they are more and more susceptible to the negativity around them.  Now, lets say a young neighbor comes and visits this same family and lives there for a week.  This neighbor is very healthy.  They have lived a life surrounded by positive, loving people.   They are just as innocent and pure as the younger person in the hostile household, yet they may not be a victim of the abuse because their emotional vibration is high and clear.  This doesn't mean the child that lives in the home has done anything wrong!  They are in the home, and they are living in a situation they could not control at this young age.  The lesson for this child as an adult will then become to move past this and focus on creating a new life, new vibration and new attraction. 

There is also another theory that may help explain some tragic events in our lives.  If you believe in past lives, you may also believe that we come back to this earth to work through situations and learn lessons.  Many people believe that earth is a classroom and the best way for us to learn things are to experience what life has to offer around every corner.  The most important thing to remember in this belief system is that we need to turn things around and find the lessons to help ourselves and others.

There are many mysterious ways that the universe operates in addition to the law of attraction.  The bottom line is to remember that even though we may not understand something we can always turn things around and learn something from every situation.  We can always find something beautiful, positive, healing and loving in everything and every person.  Yes....everything and everyone!  Focus on this, feel this emotion and watch how things turn around in your life.


 Thoughts for the Month


"Your emotions are absolute indicators of your vibrational content"

From Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks


"As manifestors, we need to be aware of where we place energy and then learn how to change that."

From Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Book I, by F. Fengler, and T. Varnum


"The law of floatation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things, but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why the did so."

Thomas Troward

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