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May 2006



The Blessing of Slamming Doors

I am confident that anyone reading this newsletter will be able to relate to the experience of having a door (figuratively) slammed in your face.  Or perhaps the experience of walking into a brick wall.  In my "Meet Your Spirit Guides Workshop," I often talk about how sometimes when we just don't seem to be listening too well to our Guides, they have to put up some major road blocks in our way to get our attention.  The more we are in communication and harmony with our Guides and the Source, the less times we end up falling down and tripping on the path.  However, when we do fall there is a hidden blessing in it.  As long as we get up again and keep moving forward, these "times" are the best lessons we can have.  There is always something we can learn from our mistakes.  There is always some blessing in some painful act that someone has done to us.  Yes, you read this right.  Even those painful and harmful situations and memories you have of someone one or some situation can be turned around into something beautiful, positive and helpful for your evolution and perhaps even their healing.

A little over a year ago now on my birthday someone asked to meet with me.  I didn't know why but I had a strong intuitive feeling that it would not be a good, energetic exchange as the tone of the request was very harsh.  I did Distance Reiki on the situation and on my way to the meeting and I had a message from my Spirit Guides that this was a very big Birthday present for me.  I felt a little like "Gollum" from the Lord of the Rings as I walked to our meeting location.  Part of my humor therapy to cope that day was to keep saying silently in my mind, "My birthday present, my birthday present" in Gollum's voice.  My instincts and intuition was right.  This person (who normally has a reputation for being nice and sweet) was outrageously mean and discourteous that day.  Remember the feelings we all had in high school where kids could be really mean?  That is what it felt like this day, and it was so odd because this was a grown-up with the opposite reputation. I knew then and even more so now that this was a significant cross roads for me.  I was very hurt and surprised by her actions so since that day every time I think of her I send her love and distance Reiki.  Recently I was talking to some Reiki apprentice students about Forgiveness and I mentioned that it is a process.  We don't decided one day that we will forgive someone and then automatically feel better about them.  Our brains our wired so that they become accustomed to respond in a certain manner and with certain emotions about people and situations.  If we have anger or hurtful feelings about someone we need to retrain our minds and emotions to a new response and create new neural net patterns. As long as we consistently do this, then sooner or later when we think of the person or situation the old response will have faded (just like Pavlov's dog) and our automatic response will be one of love and healing.  It takes time for many of us to create this automatic  response, but it is Such a blessing every time you get a chance to send love and forgiveness to someone you will feel so healed during the process.

In addition to the act and benefits of sending love and Reiki to others, these events in our lives are usually a significant crossroad that lead to new and exciting paths.  I remember listening to Dr. Bernie Siegel one time tell an audience that a friend of his got fired from a job and Bernie's response was "Let's open a bottle of champagne and celebrate, something good will come from this.  God has something special in mind for you."  For me there was a ripple effect with this meeting a year ago and another person related to this situation just slammed another door in my face recently.  Once again, totally out of no where, unjustified, and very odd.  But, it got my attention and was JUST what I needed to give me extra confirmation that a new path and direction I have decided to take is the right road and where I should be going right now.  If this didn't happen I might be still plodding along on a path that would not bring as much evolution for me and others.  As the saying goes "Thank God for Blessings in Disguise." 


Thoughts for the Month

"If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labor.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel incompetent I will remember past success"

Og Mandino


"There is not such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands."

Richard Bach


"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly"

Richard Bach


"Conflict cannot survive without your participation"

Wayne Dyer


"The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory"


"Examine what you believe to be impossible, then change your belief"

Wayne Dyer


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