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May 2010

Feedback Not Failure
Everyone that knows me knows that my favorite quotation is "Fall down seven times, get up Eight."  The most successful people in the world have failed the most, simply because the don't view it as failure.  They view it as feedback.  They look at what didn't work, figure out a new way to approached things,  forgive themselves or others and move on.  Think about when you learned to walk.  How many times did you fall down?  If you just gave up, where would you be today?  Try to remember that the next time you get down on yourself for anything whether it is a job you lost or a small goal you are getting stuck in trying to achieve.  Just keep going. Never give up.  If you see it  in your mind and believe it, you will manifest it.  Just continue to take the action steps necessary in your journey.  Below is a link to click on that will give you some added motivation and inspiration.   I also included  background on Lincoln that is inspirational.   Journey well.  In Light, Diane

History has been kind to President Abraham Lincoln. He has been painted as probably the greatest president of the United States of America. It is the good thing that history also recorded his failures. It reflected his frail humanity but also showed his attitude of never giving up.

These failures could not stop him, he kept moving forward. The following is a short list of his ups and downs and ups.

*1831 Failed in business
1832 Defeated for legislature
1833 Again failed in business
1834 Elected to legislature
1835 Sweetheart died
1836 Had a nervous breakdown
1838 Defeated for speaker
1840 Defeated for elector
1843 Defeated for Congress
1846 Elected for Congress
1848 Defeated for Congress
1855 Defeated for Senate
1856 Defeated for Vice-President
1858 Defeated for Senate

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Thoughts for the Month

"Fall Down Seven Times - Get Up Eight"
"Do Not fear mistakes.  There are None."
 Miles Davis

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