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November 2005


Do You Have Anything Else?

Last Sunday we had Halloween trick or treaters here in Candia.  One little, five year old boy was absolutely hilarious.  I handed him a tootsie pop and he looked up at me and said, "I don't like this, do you have anything else?"  I laughed and said, "Oh we are negotiating for candy these days huh?"  Of course that comment went over his head and he just stood there expecting something better.  I handed him a box of Dots.  "I don't like this either, what else do you have?"  Now I wasn't so sure it was still funny, as I was running out of options.  He still amused me enough to play the game a little further and I handed him a handful of tootsie rolls and said, "I'm afraid that is all I have so how about taking all three."  He said nothing but continued to just stand there, while a group of about eight other children accepted the candy I was putting in their bags and I heard a thank you from each of them. The little five year old finally gave up and in silence walked away with the group of other kids to meet up with his parents who were waiting for him on the street (they were out of ear shot so never heard his comments).

The next day as I was telling this amusing tale to some friends I was reflecting on a number of ways to look at this encounter.  I had planned on writing on Gratitude this month and it certainly fit into this theme.  The month of November we all take  one day with family and friends and gather for Thanksgiving.  It is a time to reflect on all the things we have been blessed with in life and to give thanks.  I would like to suggest if you are not already doing this to initiate a daily practice of gratitude.  Every morning when you wake up, take a minimum of five minutes and express out loud or in your mind all that you are grateful for.  I love to do this as I start my daily walk in the morning out in nature.  With the fresh air and the beautiful changing color of the leaves it is a perfect way to start the day.  It doesn't take too much creativity to notice things in nature to be thankful for.  The trees, the birds, the sky, the sunrise, to name just a few.  If you can't walk outside, you can do this while you take a shower, or before you meditate, or even in your car on the way to work.  Try to do it on a daily basis in the beginning of the day and you will see amazing changes in your perspective, your attitude, your physical and spiritual health.  I would also encourage you to be grateful for the people and situations that you wish weren't in your life.  These are our greatest teachers.  If we send them blessings, Reiki, or accept the lessons they are here to teach us, again we find amazing shifts in our internal and external world, And we find healing.  Try doing this for the whole month of November and then if you have a chance, email me and let me know what changes happened for you.  I would love to share your experiences in upcoming newsletters.

And as for our little five year old trick or treaters?  Well, I think he has a couple lessons for us here, depending on our perspective.  I think we all can act like five year olds and when we are given something we don't like and we then ask for something different.  At least I know I have in life.  Sometimes it is because we fail to see the powerful lesson and precious gem  in a situation or person who appears to us like a tormentor but in reality is a great teacher... if we use the experience to learn and grow.  Sometime it might be something good we receive but our expectations were for something better.  We wanted a hersey bar instead of tootsie rolls.  Or we wanted to a romantic dinner out with our partner and ended up ordering take-out and staying home.  Deepak Chopra encourages us to hold fast to our intentions or desires but to also be detached from the outcome.  If all we focus on is the hersey bar we might never experience all the wonderful other options there are in other types of candy.  If we have a set way in mind that we want to experience an evening we close ourselves off to all other possibilities that may end up being even better.  Being grateful is more than a daily ritual, it is a way of experiencing life. 

Realistically I know that there are times we all want to say "No thank you for this lesson or this so called blessing."  It is these times that we need to focus more on giving thanks.  Let someone know how grateful you are for them every day this month.  Pick a new person every day, if you know that many people, or pick a new person for seven days and then start again. 

Instead of asking "Do You Have Anything Else", let's ask "What Else Today am I Thankful For?"

Blessing for Thanksgiving!


Thoughts for the Month



In Spring, hundreds of flowers.

In  Summer, refreshing breeze.

In Autumn, a harvest moon.

In Winter, snowflakes accompany you.

If you do not have

the upside-down views

every season is

a good season for you.

From the Buddhist classic texts translated by Eido Shimano Roshi


"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."

Henry Ward Beecher


"Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart."



"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of others."



"Give thanks for a little and you find a lot."

The Hausa of Nigeria



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