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October 2009




We all have seen those words written in the sky in the movie the Wizard of Oz.  Surrender Dorothy.  On our spiritual journey the word surrender takes on a whole different meaning.  Surrender means to let go of all that hinders us from moving forward in our path to enlightenment and truth.  To surrender we must Let Go and Let God.  We must step forward into the unknown sometimes and just trust  - just simply trust.

Surrender also may mean that we need to place on the alter of our spiritual  house, all our pain and anger, and surrender and forgive any thing or situation that is keeping us from the highest healing good.  Let it all go and let it be transformed to healing energy and light. You may not feel you can do this.  The pain or perhaps the anger may be too  much.  This is when you just surrender.  Let Go Let God.  The transformation of Source Energy will overpower all pain and anguish and will heal.

Surrender means to give up our attachment to the outcome.  The most delightful paths or solutions can be found on paths we didn't plan on taking.  If we get stuck and determined only to take predetermined marked ways, we can miss out on so many wonderful and beautiful blessings and opportunities that will manifest before us.  That is why the next time you get lost take note to reframe the situation.  Perhaps you are being redirected.  A very special student of mine thought he got lost one day and ended up at an outdoor Holistic Fair in Lowell Massachusetts.  He somehow knew he was being directed to go there so he just decided to park his car and walk around for awhile before trying to find his original route.  He was drawn to the Johrei Fellowship Booth and he then knew he was suppose to be incorporating this into his Reiki Master Apprenticeship training.

Take some time this month to examine what in your life has been holding your back.  What can you just let go of and just surrender.  Make the decision to just do it. Let it go.  Experience the freedom and the joy. Start each morning with the same thought and vibration of surrender and love and you will soon feel lighter and more joy.


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"Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot foresee the outcome."

Deepak Chopra


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