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October 2011

Ellie's Tribute to God and her Faith


Do you remember what you were like when you were twenty-seven (27) years old?  Or if you are that age now, can you imagine being that age and being accused of a horrendous crime you did not do and then living over a year trying to prove you're innocent.  Can you imagine living for over a year trying to hold your life together, your family together and maintaining your health?   This newsletter this month is dedicated to Ellie Torrey, who not only did just that, but surmounted these difficult times to grow into an inspiration to all that know her.  Many of my readers have seen Ellie at the Free Movie Nights here at A Step Forward over the last year.  After each movie we often have a discussion period.  Ellie would be the first person many times to speak up and give some encouraging words and inspirational comments.  Most people there had no idea what she was going through and were shocked to eventually learn this young woman was under so much pressure.


When I told Ellie I wanted to print comments in this newsletter this month as a dedication to her to let others know how she has made an impact in the world, her reply was that it  would be alright as long as the focus was on showing that “her faith and God was the source of her strength” and that we not give her the credit.  That is so vintage Ellie.  But that is what this newsletter IS about.  Showing how faith, how the power of focusing on goodness and love and believing in truth will bring about justice. 


Ellie has embraced Dr. Wayne Dyer’s works and every day tries to only concentrate on positive thoughts and outcomes.  Her Christian faith is her source of strength and joy and this was deepened through this tragedy.  This 4 foot 11, ninety pound woman was equated to “David versus Goliath” by many of her friends in her battle.  And as you can see from Ellie’s own words below she believes God gave her the strength, as he did David, to carry on and grow in her faith.


“Please just make sure people don't focus on me this could have happen to anybody. I don't have any problem with this newsletter but I hope people focus more on FAITH and that there is nothing impossible for God. I am so glad that this can help others to realize that even on the middle of the valley people can still find strength and that surrender all our problems and worries can definitely make a difference but sometimes this is not easy to do by ourselves and it is so important to find good friends and to trust God our future. It is hard to say to somebody "Don't worry" and this is just human nature even when we know that worry does not help at all this is just a waste of our energy but again is our nature and we all worry but when we find time to pray and meditate we can find the peace that we need, may not solve our problems but definitely walk us through the problem. I am so grateful that this is over and I hope that this newsletter help other people realize that our ways are not God's ways; He has everything under control when we trust on him.”

Love, Ellie.

 Friends Comments:

“Some 20 years ago and along the way, I was introduced to various principles. I have watched miracles happen living these principles. I believe in these principles to such an extent that I integrate them into my business culture, share them with my employees as well as with our clients. I try to live by each day:

·        The Principle of Positive Intention.

·        The Principle of Belief.  Believing in your yourself, your higher-self and universal energy (God)

·        The Principle of Attraction – Attracting what you emotionally focus on and attracting more of what you are.

·        And most importantly  - Living by The Golden Rule, The Principle of “Do unto others …”

I have known Ellie for about 2 years. Due to the situation that came about in her life, I have been intensely paying attention to her and her life.  My original perception of Ellie was she was a sweet, kind young lady and wonderful mother and I believed in her.  However, as I watched her evolve over time and read her emails after each day of the trial, she become so much more to me. My new found perception of Ellie is she is a consummate example of living one’s life following the principles above and living God’s divine plan. I have twice the life experiences of Ellie, yet I have learned so much from her.  I thank you Ellie for what you have taught me and will try to live my life as you do … in pure love, never judging and always believing in yourself.  Ellie, you are an inspiration to me and to humanity. I Thank you for being you and teaching us.”

David Gelinas


“My comment would have been one of appreciation to God's wonderful way of helping us see the good in people and how in difficult times we can make a difference, if we stand united and show love and support even to those we don't know. 

This act of solidarity...It makes us stronger and better and strengthens us in our personal life as well as in our own faith in the Higher Power.  

Good and Light will always out do negativity and the bad.”



“I have seen people with struggles, I have seen people with out hope, I have seen people in such desperation that lives where falling apart at the seems and this wasn't Ellie.  I saw a picture of Ellie during my Reiki II class, I sent a person that I hadn't met yet as much Reiki as I could.  Then I met Ellie, not from the news paper or TV but in person, I wasn't familiar with her story and wasn't sure why I had been sending her Reiki, but met her with her beautiful daughter.  I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw what she had been put through, when I heard her story and heard her pray for something more than just her self when she could be doing more time than the year long struggle with an electronic bracelet and a curfew like she was a criminal.  I have to end this with God exist, she knew and asked for guidance and she received.”


Ellie- little Ellie is the perfect example of being so small but so big in Faith, Courage, Strength and Hope. Her spirit is an example and inspiration to many that NO MATTER your circumstances you can choose to not look at the mud in your life but look up to Heaven and see the Stars with the help of God!

Amy Koch

“Although I have never met Ellie I feel I know her now after walking her steps with her through this huge challenge in her life. We all go through challenges, some more difficult than others, and being spiritual beings but in human form we sometimes falter. I never once heard Ellie falter. Her strength and courage and security in God was amazing. What a remarkable woman she is and what a wonderful story to share with others she now has. What a beacon of light she will now be to others going through life's challenges, whether small, or large.
God Bless


“I'm so happy for you, and your family. I have a wonderful picture in my mind of you coming home and having a wonderful family hug, as a free and exonerated woman.


You were an inspiration for all of us who know of your situation. You remained steadfast in your innocence without wavering. You maintained more calmness, poise, and pleasant demeanor than I could ever do. You spoke so well and made your points without loosing your line of thought and without showing anything but calm confidence in yourself and the truth. I know your faith was true and your friends support surely helped. Any part of you that was tested came through with flying colors and left you stronger than you were".

With love and caring,



Being true to my promise to Ellie to keep this newsletter a tribute focused on the power of the Divine and Love, I will end my comments with something that impacted me greatly when I was in my early twenties.  However for me it was only a book and movie.  I didn’t live through it like Ellie did.  It was the movie and book the Hiding Place, the story of Corrie Ten Boom who a Dutch woman whose family was involved in an underground ring that gave shelter to Jewish neighbors driven out of their homes who were hiding from the Nazis.  She and her family were captured and all died accept Corrie in a prison camp.  When her sister Betsie died in the camp she made Corrie promise to tell the world the following:


“(we) must tell them what we have learned here.  We must tell them that there is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.”  They will listen to us, Corrie, because we have been here.”


Ellie has been there.   Her example teaches us!



 Thought for the Month

The Tao is the universal law expressed in and through each being, each moment, and each life.  Following the Way requires right action, a passion for truth, and a belief that all creation spring from on clear source.

The Way (Tao)

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