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September 2005



A Call for Action

Please take a moment to scan the links below.  If you have not made a donation yet to help out with the Hurricane Relief, please take a moment to do so now.  Just a $5 donation can make a difference.  I have listed below organizations that are from CNN's web site and reputable.  They are also organizations that are not as well known in case you were looking for different places to give. 

In addition, I would like to ask everyone that reads this, to set aside 15 minutes on Sunday, September 4th at 12 noon EST.  Please take time for prayer and Distance Reiki.  As we all remember when we meditated and held vigils during 911, when a massive number of people join in unison, the positive shift in energy are felt at a powerful rate.  Please pass this request on to others you know via email and phone.   Those of you that are able to take this time on  September 4th, please email me afterwards regarding any type of feedback you experiences and we can  post information in the October newsletter.

In Light


Helping to Keep Animals Alive


The United Animal Nations is like the "Red Cross for animals".  They are
going to the affected areas and setting up temporary shelters.  They actually get
into the boats and go out and rescue the animals....pets, wildlife, zoo name it.  They catalog and house the animals and if possible, reunite.
 You can volunteer or donate to the UAN at.... 



Thoughts for the Month


"As you learn to perceive with an open heart, what seems to be taking place on the  physical plane of your world, it becomes time to speak.

And what are you to say?  Why, anything your heart tells you.  Whom are you to say it to? Anyone who will listen.  The moment that you speak from love and not from fear, you assume the mantle of leadership.

This is not the time to wring your hands and say, "I don't know how to begin.  By the time I get things organized a million people will starve." 

Your responsibility is to hear your  own heart.

This is a schoolroom for learning how to love what appears to be absolutely unlovable.


Rush to support the beneficial.

Speak out.

Do not let the ennui of fear persuade you that you are powerless.  There is always something you can do as long as you move with the integrity of Love.

Everything you do affects your entire planet.  Just one moment of open-hearted allowing, and your planet is transformed.  All those who are breathing the atmosphere inhale that much more Light."


from Emmanuel's Book I and III

Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton



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