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September 2010

Coincidence is When God Chooses to Remain Anonymous


Opening up our spiritual eyes.  How do we do this?  By stopping looking around, being in the moment and noticing life.  Present moment awareness and mindfulness.  When you are in the shower, be in the shower.  Take time to experience every moment of the feeling each drop of water has on your back and face.  The warmth, the freshness.  Visualize your whole energy field being cleaned.  This can be a spiritual experience every morning.  I remember my first meditation teacher telling us that brushing your teeth can be a spiritual experience as again we can be in the moment and realize how important it is for everything we say that day to be clean and only impeccable words come out of our mouth. 

Being in the moment and having our spiritual eyes open allows us to notice all the synchronistic events that occur around us all the times. Other folks call them coincidences.  This last month I have experienced a number of beautiful, synchronistic adventures that I would like to share in this newsletter to point out how important it is to keep alert.  Some of the stories were shared with me, some I experienced first hand.

This August my husband and I were sitting in one of our favorite restaurants in Bar Harbor, Maine enjoying a lovely, relaxing meal.  We were seated in a small room in the restaurant and there were only two other families in this area.  As we got to know our young waiter that evening I happened to ask him where he went to grade school.  Why in the world I asked him this, to this day I have no idea.  It is not the typical question you ask someone.  Usually you might ask “Where did you go High School or College?”  The young man told me the name of the school then told us he grew up near Logan Square in Chicago.   This was the exact same area that I grew up in the city of Chicago!   About 15 minutes later, the folks that were sitting in the table all evening long across from us started to talk to us.  They were just commenting on the deserts they had ordered and being friendly, but in the midst of every day conversation they just “happen” to mention that they were in the same business as my husband and owned a company in Florida.  And, they knew one of my husband’s business associates in Florida very well.  At this point in the evening I expected Will Smith to come into the dining room to start explaining the concept of Six Degrees of Separation…although it wasn’t necessary.  The significance of this evening didn’t slip by me in that I realized how so many things in our lives are presented to us and connected on a daily basis.  Some of them we need to seize on the opportunities as they are messages from our Angels and Guides giving us directions.  Some times they are just messages from our Guides letting us know that they are “around and connecting the dots for us.”

When I got home that weekend I was channel surfing and I stopped at the end of the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks.  He had a Federal Express box with Angel Wings on his Island the whole time he was a castaway.  He vowed not to open it and to delivery it some day to its owner.  At the end of the movie you see him driving down the road with this beat up box and delivering it to a farm house.  No one is there, so he just leaves it at the door with a note “This box save my life.”  I think it is SO interesting there are angel wings on the box and Angel Wings Sculptures in the yard of this home.

As he drives away, he stops at a crossroad.  How metaphorical is this!  He gets out of his car and looks at a map.  The metaphor continues.   Then out of no where a truck with a beautiful woman pulls up and gives him directions.  How Hollywood is this, but it still is inspiring.   As she pulls away he notices on the back of her truck are the same angel wings that were on his box.  She is the one that lives in that home.  He thinks for a moment – not very long – then knows THIS is no coincidences and follows his destiny.

I know that it is no coincidences that my Guides show me this ending of this particular movie this month and plus all the other stories that come my way, as I know that this message is for me to share with my readers.  And a message I am to remember and focus more on this time in my journey.

A friend told me another story last week that is also fascinating.  Her friend leads a bereavement support group in Exeter.  Recently the person who was assigned to get coffee wasn’t available so another friend went to the Dunking Donuts that night to get a box of coffee.  As she is standing in line she senses someone behind her and then she hears a man’s voice “Excuse me do I know you, or I think I know you.” She turns around and says “No we don’t know each other.  The man then states, “No, I am supposed to know you, let me introduce myself my name is John Holland!”

For those of you that are not familiar with the name John Holland is a skilled and famous, psychic medium.  This woman then went on to tell John she lost her child and was a grieving parent and was leading a bereavement support group at Exeter Hospital.  John told her he knew he was meant to come to that group to give them all readings (for free by the way) and came the next week.   No coincidences!

Messages and information are giving to us all the time.  I recently was looking for some inner guidance and messages about a direction in a professional area.  Within one week I had a colleague send me a link and give me a referral about a new idea I could incorporate into my practice.  I had not even mentioned I was considering anything to this college.  It was a far out idea and something that I had not considered so mulled over the concept but didn’t jump in feet first.  Well, two days later the same type of idea came from a totally different source with an offer to take a free course!  I paid attention.

I had the wonderful opportunity this summer to go to Omega Institute again in Rhinebeck New York to take a three day course with James Van Praagh on Developing Mediumship skills.  One night after the workshop, I decided to take my book and go spend some time in one of Omega’s peaceful gardens and just read, meditate and be in the moment.  As I walked around the garden I noticed most of the chairs, and benches were already taken.  There was a bench way off in the distance, but it wasn’t near any of the beautiful flowers.  There was a seat in a very peaceful area of the garden, however, it was very close to a lovely woman, about my age, who was just sitting peacefully and relaxing.  The choice.  Do I go sit in the chair next to her?  If so I knew I would be engaged in a conversation, which of course wouldn’t be bad but it wasn’t my plan for the evening.  I wanted peace and quiet.  Or do I go and sit way off in the distance in the dark corner of the garden.  Being an introvert I usually would have chosen the dark corner, but I my angels gave me a little nudge this evening and I Listened.  As I sat down next to her I immediately knew it was the right choice as her smile and energy was so calm, and welcoming.

Before we even got to speak much to say hello a rabbit appeared.  Yes, I wrote a rabbit.  If you read my newsletter in July you may know they are appearing as a totem on and off now for me.  This rabbit just manifested out of no where and froze right in front of our chairs for about 5 minutes.  We both sat and starred and smiled until it finally decided to hop away.  I knew what the rabbit and my guides were telling me from my experiences with following the rabbit in my July adventure (newsletter).  I am sure it had meaning for my new friend also.  And a new friend she was.  We had the most delightful chat.  She was also a Reiki Master, and we chatted about Reiki, Omega, and many things.  But the most important thing I think we both took away from that brief conversation that evening was the garden and the rabbit.  As we both sat there in the peaceful, serene setting that Omega has to share, my new friend commented “You know I have a garden much like this at home and I was sitting here early thinking why don’t I just come and sit in MY garden like this every day….there is no reason why I can’t do this.”

For me the message was so clear.  Many of you know I have Mount Gelinas, the water garden and water fall in our back yard.  And at this time no construction noise or workers, so it is actually peaceful out there during the weekdays and weekend.  I left the garden that night thinking the same thing.  I come to Omega and feel so serene the moment I drive up, there is no reason that I can not have the feelings of Omega all the time.  Luckily I practice what I preach about self care so I do have internal serenity, but the message this week was to open my eyes and go out in my own back yard.  A Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment.  To make this experience even more dramatic.  The next week as I am typing at my computer I look out of my front window and I see two statues that I have had in my front garden for over five years.  They are in plain view of my office window every day, but I didn’t realize the significance of them or why I put them there in this garden.  They are statues of two rabbits!

If we could truly be aware of everything going on around us all the time, we would be amazed!  Be present in the moment, accepting, and giving gratitude for what we have brings things into harmony and focus. And when we are in focus…we can truly see.

Happy Sight Seeing

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"If you could really see that tree over would be so astounded that you'd fall over.  It is just a tree in your mind.  To another mind it is an expression of infinite spirit and beauty.  In God's mind it is a dear child, sweeter than anything you can imagine."

The Way of the Wizard, Deepak Chopra


"Follow the events of your life,

For they will lead you to people and places

Which will further Your Inner Growth.

Phyllis Lee Furumoto





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