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September 2008


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Reincarnation - Have You Had Past Lives?

The interest in Past Lives in not a New Age Phenomenon.  As far back as Aristotle there was a belief in reincarnation.  Buddhists, Hindus and Egyptians are just a few groups who have a belief system that the soul returns  many times with a succession of bodies and different lives.    There are also many books that take that stance that the roots of Judaism and Christianity believed in reincarnation.   There is a reference in the New Testament that John the Baptist was Elijah that had returned.  In addition, there is reference to a man who was blind from birth that Jesus healed.  It was asked, if the man was blind because of his sins or his parents.  If the man was blind from birth some have asked how it could  have been from his sins. 

So why would we reincarnate?  Many believe, as do I, that our life on earth is one big school and it is impossible to learn all that we need to learn in one life. Some of our lessons involve learning to forgive, learning to show love and patience and learning to live in peace with one another.  Sometimes souls choose to continue learning and evolving on the other side.  Sometimes even  highly evolved souls still reincarnate and take the form of leaders and teachers here on earth.

For some people it is not important to learn about their previous lives.  I don't recommend it for everyone.  If you are being led to explore this area, however, I suggest that you follow your heart and intuition and open yourself up to an exciting growing experience.

Some people that are certified in hypnotherapy are not counselors and are only credentialed to do hypnosis for smoking cessation, losing weight or stress reduction.  So please be careful who you do see as if you have a memory of a past life that is difficult you want to make sure you have someone qualified who can help you process it.

I always make my individual and group past life regression tailored for the participants to have a past life memory that is safe, peaceful, and not threatening.   Also, since the person, under hypnosis is in control at all times, they are able to float above scenes that they choose to not experience, and of course  they can come out of the trance at any time.

Hypnosis is not the only way to achieve past life memories.  I have personally had spontaneous recollection throughout the years.  A daily practice of meditation can help in this regard and dreams can also provide a lot of insight into this area.

The Day Of Healing event on September 14th this month will provide opportunities for you to experience a Past Life Regression as well as Meet Your Spirit Guides.  Click on  Upcoming Workshops and Events for more information. 

September 14th will also incorporate complimentary Reiki Treatments, massage, Angel Readings, music and EFT demonstrations. 

Thought for the Month


The message from the world of spirit can be stated with simplicity:

Perfect Love is all there is

And perfect love must be experienced

In the NOW.

All else

Is fear's complexity.

excerpt from Emmanuel's Book II ( Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton)




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