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September 2011

The Shifts


I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I thought that I would just provide some powerful links this month that I have found on my journey.  I know I am meant to share them with you.


So instead of reading a newsletter this month, please take the time to sit and  hear these messages as I could not possible write a newsletter  more meaningful and powerful for you to read in this day and age.  I write this not  only because of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, but also because so many people are experience the “shifts” in the world with the economy, weather, wars, and  in their personal world and are confused about 2011, 2012 and what is going on.  This information has helped me tremendously.  I hope it will help you also. 

In Light, Diane

Please make sure you watch this one to the end as the most powerful message is at the end.

This is an article to read…not something to watch.  It has very important and helpful information.

Very uplifting and inspiring, shorter clip.  It will be a make you realize what is important in life and how we need to apply the messages in the first you tube message you watched above.

Last link is also something to read that is the same theme about not focusing on fear but on light and love.  It also has important and interesting information on recent events of crop circles if you are interested.




 Thought for the Month

The Tao is the universal law expressed in and through each being, each moment, and each life.  Following the Way requires right action, a passion for truth, and a belief that all creation spring from on clear source.

The Way (Tao)

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