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April 2012 Spring Newsletter

The Veil Is Lifting


As spring unfolds this 2012, many of us are once again experiencing a spiritual new growth and evolution – as we see in our earth every year.  If your journey seems more powerful or different this year you are not alone.  We are experiencing a shift in our worlds right now that many Lightworkers have known and prepared for for years.  Some of us are just becoming aware of the beautiful changes and challenges set before us.  The clip that I have chosen to share this month will help, inspire and heal more than reading anything I can write this edition. It is 15 minutes long.  When I first received it I remember thinking “I don’t have time for this.”  But something made me click it on and I couldn’t move from my chair.  Everyone I have sent it to has felt the Divine and Sacred message. So I share this with you and know it will create the same.

 Downloading the Programs for our New Solar Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love

 Remember, we are all here at this time in history to share our Light and Love as much as we can at this time.  As Kryon recently stated, “Just walking on this planet, holding light, creates energy that you did not know you had.  That is why we want you to stay in health, without drama or fear.”

 We Are Light

We Are Love

 May this Link Inspire and Heal.

As an additional blessing this month I was given permission to share the attunement experience of an older teen who recently took a Reiki One class from me.  I was blessed a couple months ago to have him and his father take a class together.  Prior to the class two eagles flew over head in the driveway!  As you will read below – that was not the only indication of how sacred and powerful this day was.  Archangel Michael and Powerful Divine Presence were there throughout the Day.  The Veil is Lifting!

 Reiki Attunement

It started off with me having my eyes closed, and I could have sworn that she had her hands out around my head and shoulders before touching either.

I saw it, her hands like shadows within shadows and the distinction between her hands and the dark screen was an outline of golden light around her hands. When it came time to hold my hands to my third eye, I saw my own with a gray outline and I didn't know what to think or feel. Suddenly, when she put my hands out in a receiving fashion, I saw my own fire, my inner light, be brought out within my palms and my gray outline became a red-orange. Darkness being turned to light.

Seeing my own light, my own love,   was so overwhelmingly healing that I couldn't help but cry as the pain, caused by the self hatred that dwelled within me for so long and festered, was all released and burned in my inner fire.

I was then told that I went to my Reiki attunement in order to seek love, finding out soon it was my own love, my light, myself, that I was seeking. Then, when I closed up my palms and brought my hands to my heart once again I saw the shadow of my mind, a dark screen of self hatred and anxiety, begin to chip away, ultimately shattering and allowing me to see this heaven-like place, cloudy and filled with a golden light. Then, over time, that heaven began to zoom out until it was but a dot amongst other small, bright dots, yet when the time came mine exploded and turned into a bright, orange-red star. It was as the star exploded that I began to descend back into my own body, and began to live once more.

My healing session was still vivid with imagery, but the rest of me and my mind were still. It started off with a tree that was in the darkness and had no leaves, and as I felt this light energy in my feet and a warm energy in my head that tree began to become surrounded by grass. The tree then grew leaves and soon birds started to fly out of it, and over time more trees showed up and grew into this lush forest filled with animals.

After that, there was a wolf (my favorite animal) howling at the moon upon its rock as distant others did the very same, and a fire ignited and spread across the forest, resetting everything in a loving manner by enriching the soil with the dead so that new life can flourish. What happened after that is I saw that same dot of light from above explode, except it created small particles of light that slowed down, although still moving, and created galaxies.

My vision then focused on the young Milky Way galaxy and zoomed in on the creation of Sol, our sun, as the dust formed a brown mass and ignited as it raged with fire. The planets were next, although I forgot the order they appeared, and they all soon basked in the warmth, light, and love of their father Sol. Afterwards, the sun began to go supernova, engulfing the Earth (Terra) and part of Mars, then it exploded, creating star dust, and eventually left behind a beautiful nebula and a bright dwarf star: a used, dense mass that still had its own form of life energy to hold onto as it patiently awaits renewal.

Tyler Evans



 Thought for the Month

"I am relaxed and safe.  My mind is flexible and peaceful and so is my body."  
Louise Hays


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