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February 2006


"We Won't Be The Same Without Her

 Yet We Are Different Because of Her."

This edition of the newsletter is dedicated to the beautiful spirit, Jane Peacock Panos, who crossed over into spirit on January 21, 2006.  The above words were spoken at her memorial service last week and rang so true to me when I heard them.  For those of you who never had the honor or meeting Jane, she was the type of person who lit up a room.  Her smile, her energy, her laughter and the glisten in her eyes made everyone realize in an instant what a unique and glorious person was in their presence.  Those of you who did know her, know that I am not exaggerating at all.  The last few months of her life I had nicknamed her Bright Star and told her it was her Native American name. 

I would like to write about some "coincidences" surrounding our dear friend.  If you haven't read my newsletter before you may not know that I don't believe in coincidences but I do believe in synchronicity.  Jane was studying to become a Reiki Master and the month she was diagnosed with cancer (prior to my knowledge or her knowledge of the diagnosis) I was led by my spirit guides to suggest she read Dr. Bernie Siegel's books on the Mind Body Connection and Healing.  Dr. Bernie Siegel is one of our foremost experts in Cancer and Healing.  I only later understood why she was meant to read these.  Two months prior to this, I had suggested that she read "Talking to Heaven" by James Van Praagh.  Again, these are not books that I recommend to people on a consistent basis, and I am so glad in retrospect that I listen to my Guides and it was able to help her in her future preparation and journey.  I didn't know at the time why I was led to recommend these books to her, but knew she should read them.  Anyone that has read James' book knows that it gives one a real sense of peace and comfort about crossing over and the other side.  I also found it interesting that I was giving a workshop on "Meet Your Spirit Guides" the same hour she crossed over. 

The synchronistic events continue to happen even in spirit.  The following are two emails I received the other day.  They are printed with permission of the senders.

"....hearts are showing up everywhere!  A HUGH heart rock appeared in the woods just behind my house, right after I received your card.  I took some pictures, and will bring them to our next Reiki meeting.  And yes, I got a sign from Jane when we went to Wallis Sands Beach on Sunday.  Ned and I released three balloons....the purple one for Jane went whipping straight up, leaving the other two trailing way behind.  I could sense that Jane was conveying the message that she went to Spirit World very, very quickly.  Ned and I were staring upward when an angel feather floated down right before us.  Ned said, "I guess you got your sign."  There was no wind, no seagulls on the beach, and the sand was really pristine.  There was no question in our minds about this sign from Jane.  As we ended our walk on the beach, I got an urge to bend over and pick up was a perfect heart shaped stone!  I'll bring it to the Reiki Share.

Blessings, Connie

Upon seeing Connie's email, Lynne wrote the following:

"Thanks for sharing.  The thing with the hearts is very strange.  Jane and I ordered these really cool cards from a catalog last year.  The front of each card had a heart on it but they were made up all different kinds of things.  Some were clouds, flowers, rocks, patches of snow...even a wet sock lying on the ground!  The artist meaning behind them was "Love is where you find it."

Messages from the spirit world and synchronistic events are around us all the time.  Lynne knew to give Reiki to Jane the morning that she died.  She sensed something one hour before.  Another Reiki student, Liz, woke up last Sunday morning and also sensed something and gave Reiki to Jane.  She didn't know until today that this was the day Jane died.  I have a group hypnosis session on Saturday, February 25th on "Healing Grief," where participants can experience ways to find peace with the passing of a loved one and learn how they can still communicate with us.  I had this session planned and scheduled for this month, in November of last year, it is not something I just decided to add!  This is another example of how thing just don't happen.

Take some time this month to be aware.  Notice what events, people, thoughts, inspiration appear before you.  And...when you look at the stars in the sky tonight, the brightest one will be Jane looking down at us.



Thoughts for the Month


"The instant that the Self releases from the human body, there is Light, there is peace, there is freedom, there is Home.

We are always there to welcome those who exit so leave your bodies with arms spread to receive the embrace.  No soul passing into primary reality goes unattended.

The process of dying is always a joyous one, once the human fear has been overcome. When fear is laid aside, death becomes a most exciting adventure.  There is nothing to fear in the universe.  Nothing.

Death is not traumatic to the dying.  One moment you are alive and then you are not, and there is little difference except you are free.

All Love returns with you.

All Fear returns to dust

Death is like taking off a tight shoe.  Even when you are dead, you are still alive.

You do not cease to exist at death.  That is only illusion.

You go through the doorway of death alive and there is no altering of the consciousness.

Why does someone die when they are very young?

Because they have completed their task.

There is no other reason.


You are all eternal.  Once you escape from the time-space continuum, that "young" becomes a very old soul.

When your eyes have become adjusted to the greater vision, there they are -

those Companions of Light you love so deeply.

They walked you to the doorway of birth and promised you then

that they would be there waiting at the doorway of death.

And they are.

You are Home."


Excerpts from the Emmanuel  Books by Pat Rodequest


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