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The office of A Step Forward is currently closed

as I am taking a healing sabbatical. 



If you fill out the On Line Registration Link below we will keep your name in our files and contact you when the Office re-opens to inquire if you would like to sign up for a class we may schedule, other events or have a private session for your area of interest.

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What is Reiki?


The Usui System of Reiki is a holistic healing technique which connects you with the healing energy of the universe to balance mind, body and spirit.


Reiki is a simple, yet very powerful hands-on technique that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and balances emotions.  Reiki increases your energy level and sense of well-being, promoting personal growth and healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  Reiki is an appropriate treatment for all ages, from infants to elders.


 Candia is conveniently located outside of Manchester off Route 101.  It is easy driving distance form Concord, Derry, Nashua and Portsmouth.


For More Information Contact:

Diane Lynn Gelinas, M.S.W., C.H. Reiki Master Teacher

(603) 483-0132


Reminder for Reiki Practitioners:

 Call or email the day of the Reiki Clinic

 to let us know you are coming.


Reiki Clinic - Reiki Share Overview at A Step Forward

·         The Clinic is held the Third Tuesday of the Month on a bi-monthly basis. Once in a while we may change the day so it is always a good idea to double check the web site before you come. Location: Serendipity Conference Room.  This is the Building where most workshops are help on the property

·         RSVP - Call or email before you come to let us know you are coming.  Most people RSVP by emailing. 

·         If you are bringing someone with you that has not attended a Reiki Clinic before please let me know in advance as I would like to send them a copy of this Overview or make sure they read this prior to them coming to the Clinic.  There is never enough time to speak to people individually during the Clinic to explain processes or guidelines.

·         When you RSVP we will know how many people are coming and you can also be notified if the clinic has been canceled due to bad weather or some unexpected emergency.  Please provide us with a cell phone number that we can keep on file should we need call you if it is cancelled.  Sometimes Candia may lose power so I will not be able to post that the Clinic has been cancelled on the web site during winter storms. 

·         There is a limit on parking space available at the Clinic.  We can only hold about 18 cars in the driveways in our location.  (Another reason why we need you to RSVP and of course there is a limit to how many people we can give treatments to at the Clinic).  Please make sure when you come to A Step Forward to always park in one of the driveways.  We can not park on the street.  Usually there is a young man named Matt that is a maintenance worker that works for my husband that stays late on the night of the Reiki Clinic.  He will often assist you in finding places to park.

·         It starts at 6:30.  If you arrive late, don't worry.  It isn’t like a class where you have to arrive on time.  Just walk right in (don't knock as that will disturb the sessions).   Just help yourself to name tags and some tea and come in and join us at one of the Reiki Tables.  If you don’t know where the bathrooms are and are coming for the first time, I will try to come over to you after one of the treatments has ended and introduce myself.  There is a portable toilet, on the ground level on the outside of the conference room (lit at night and clean) for those that do not want to climb stairs.  For those that do not mind climbing stairs we share a bathroom with the Law Office on site which is in the building attached to the home.  It is on the second level.  Just walk up the stairs and you will see a sign on the door that will read "bathrooms inside and to your right." 

·         Since people arrive at different times we ask that everyone Centers themselves and give themselves Reiki prior to coming to the Clinic. You can set your intention for the healing to be “For the Highest Healing Good” and/or say a prayer or meditate. There is no formal opening or closing.  When people arrive they just sit and chat informally and have tea.   It is a good time to catch up with old friends or meet new friends and share experiences, but we do try to start on time so when it is about 6:30 I will ask folks to decide who would like to get a treatment first and we start the Reiki Share. So if you would like to come a few minutes early to meet new folks or see old friends feel free to do this. Usually people start coming around 6:15 at the earliest.   

·         Again, since we do have people coming at different times on and off during the Clinic we ask everyone to set their intentions which may be a silent prayer or blessing prior to coming in.  So take a moment in your car before you come in or in your home that evening and set the Intention for the evening.  This is important to remember.  The Reiki Clinic is informal and casual but it is a sacred gathering and we do ask that each person honor this process.  When you arrive you will also notice that many Reiki Practitioners will often take a few seconds and give themselves Reiki between clients.  I have prepared the room and space for the Clinic before you have arrived with clearing the energy and shielding the area in many ways.

  • There is incense and candles burning during the Reiki Clinic/Share.  If you are sensitive to this please let me know in advance and I won't burn any that evening.

·         Also please do not wear any strong perfumes, aftershaves or colognes while doing Reiki.  Some people are very sensitive to aromas and it can trigger uncomfortable feelings.

·         Sometimes it is a very small group of 6 people.  Sometimes I have 18 people here.  It varies in size, however, it is always a very powerful and relaxing evening. All groups are special and have their own advantages.  When you come you are meant to meet up with the people that are here.

·         I tell my Reiki Students that the Reiki Share is a great way to get more experiencing giving Reiki and is an extension of the Reiki Training program as it gives them added experience every month giving treatments.    Also it is a way for you to receive a Reiki treatment.  Please do not leave the Clinic without getting a treatment.  I will not be able to always monitor each table to make sure everyone gets a treatment.  So whatever table you work on just make sure you also get a treatment that night before you leave.

·         Each person should get a 15 minute treatment.  Many times you will have either a Reiki Master Apprentice or me at a Reiki Table with you that will help you monitor the time to end a treatment.  If you do not, just be careful and watch the time so you do not go too much over 15 minutes. Otherwise, we may not be able to give everyone a treatment that evening and fit everyone in.  You also do not want to short change some one.  So don't give too short of a treatment either.  Make sure everyone gets a 15 minute treatment.  With several people working on a client one can get a full treatment in 15 minutes. (It is always helpful to wear a watch to the Reiki Clinic/Share.)

·         There are clients that come to the Clinic to get complimentary treatments.  If you are working on a table giving a Reiki treatment to a client please give a longer treatment.  Usually a 20 minute treatment is appropriate for a client.

  • Always be respectful of clients and practitioners boundaries.  My students have been trained that hands off Reiki is necessary for many areas of the body areas (i.e. pelvic area, chest area on women etc.)  and even the thigh areas. Also please do not touch the person’s neck and mouth area.  

·         Ask clients and practitioners if they are comfortable with touch prior to treatments yet still be respectful and do not touch all areas of the body at the Reiki Clinic. If you are a Reiki Two Practitioner you may of course use symbols but please do not use them by drawing them in the air over the person’s body.  Just do them with your third eye.  We have Clients that will be at the Clinic that are not familiar with Reiki and so any movements in the air over the body may look odd to them and we want to make Reiki a comfortable experience for them.

·         If you do any other type of Energy Healing please ask me before doing it at the Reiki Clinic.  Even some grounding techniques used in some forms of Advanced Energy healing can not be used at our Reiki Clinic as we can only use limited light touch, gentle touch and hands off Reiki for all clients and practitioners. 

·         All Reiki practitioners that come to the Clinic and clients need to sign a Release Form.   Students that have taken Reiki classes at a Step Forward have already signed these forms in their classes.  Reiki practitioners that have not taken classes at A Step Forward that would like to come to the The Reiki Clinic need to sign the Release Form their first visit to the Reiki Clinic.  This may be sent to you in advance is some cases.  It not, it is always available  by the name tags.  When you come in just fill out the form and sign it that evening and leave it in the folder. 

·         Make sure you take some breaks during the Clinic.    We try not to talk too loud in the area where the treatments are given and in between sessions so that the people are not disturbed while treatments are in session.  Sometimes each table gets done at different times and if that is the case just quietly talk to the person who has ended their treatment if another person is still getting a treatment in the same room.

·         Many time Reiki Practitioners receive intuitive messages while they are giving Reiki Treatments.  This can be very powerful and helpful to the clients.  I share intuitive message with my clients all the time and encourage my students to do this once they learn ethical guidelines when and how it is appropriate to do so.  The Reiki Clinic is not the place to share messages, however, as it is not private and also many people there may not feel comfortable with this.  So we have set up the Clinic to just be for Reiki.  If you have personal friends you know at the Clinic that you want to share messages with after a treatment do so privately and not in front of other students or clients. 

·         Sometimes we go over and do not end at 8:30.  So if you need to leave please feel free to leave at any time.  I always try to say goodbye to folks and like to see how their sessions went for them, so if you can leave me a note or tell someone that you are leaving.  I also try to practice what I preach about “self care” and get a Reiki Treatment myself during the Clinic.  Often my students will remind me to do this if I haven’t got a treatment.  So I may be getting a treatment at the end of the evening when you leave.  If I don’t get to say goodbye send an email if you can the next day.  Once in a while we also may have a special celebration – drum circles prior to the clinic or if there are Reiki Masters that have completed training and we will invite you to stay over to have cake.  These are optional gatherings.

·         Most importantly the Reiki Clinic is set up as a time for fellowship and energy exchange.  We have some "regulars" that attend every month.  We also have some students that attend just a few times a year. It is a great time to meet up with old friends you may have meet at other classes and share new experiences and insights.

·         A $5 voluntary donation is asked to cover expenses of tea, cups, and overtime for Matt, electricity etc, and each month.  There is a box for this donation.

Just coming and relaxing once a month is important.  We look forward to sharing this great energy exchange with you.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we are glad you can join us.  Many Blessings,