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Reiki Level Three - Reiki Master

Advanced Reiki Training

Please call or email to ask for an application for the Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Program. The first step is to write a "Letter of Intent" outlining why you are led to become a Reiki Master.  Forms and information will be sent upon request. 

For more information call (603) 483-0132 or email

Reiki Master Training

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May 4th 10 – 5 p.m.

For individual that have been a Reiki Two Practitioner for at least six months, Reiki Master Training is available at A Step Forward.  The Reiki Master Training Class is a one day workshop that includes time for questions, answers and overview for Reiki Level One and Two as well as Advanced Reiki Techniques, and Reiki Level Three Symbol and Attunement.  Additionally each student will explore more about Reiki Spirit Guides, ethical issues in treatments and each student has an opportunity to customize their training with choosing an area to focus on prior to the workshop.  Suggested activities and recommended reading lists will be provided to students to participate in prior to the workshop as well as on going in the Reiki journey.  It is our belief that becoming a Reiki Master is a lifelong dedication to learning and growing.  For individuals interested in teaching Reiki, additional course work and guidelines are also available.

For information to apply for the Reiki Master program call 603 483-0132. or



Reiki Master Teacher Training

Next Workshops: May 18th 10 - 5 p.m.

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Karuna Reiki®

We Are Now Offering This Wonderful Type Of Reiki Energy to Add To Your Practice

Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui and Tibetan Reiki and it brings an higher vibratory level of healing for practitioner and clients.   Karuna is a Sankrit word that means compassionate action.  Once you have practiced as  Reiki Master for a minimum of six months, you are then able to take Karuna Reiki® Training.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact us at: (603) 483-0132, or




 Karuna Reiki® Masters Training

At A Step Forward, LLC

Karuna is a Sanskrit word.  It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others – “Compassionate Action.”  Karuna is life transforming and filled with divine love.

It is the Next Step in the Journey for Reiki Masters


Karuna Reiki® opens practitioners up to work even more closely with enlighten beings.  It works on both the emotional and spiritual levels and can help one become more grounded.    It is very common for those who receive Karuna Reiki® Attunements to experience more direct contact with their Spirit Guides, Angels, their higher self and the healing presence of other enlightened beings.  During the class, students also learn chanting and toning techniques that they can add during treatments.


The training is available for anyone who has had Reiki Master Training.  Additional Attunements and the use of additional symbols provide yet another level of powerful vibrational healing.  It is a natural progression to take Karuna Reiki® after one has practiced as A Reiki Master for at least six months.  As we become more committed to healing others, ourselves and global healing, we find that Karuna and other extensions of love and compassionate ways appear in our lives and offer us additional tools for  spiritual evolution.  It fills one up with compassion for self and others and promotes balance and well being.


This will be a small, class so that we can have individualized attention for each student and finish the training in two days.  Limited space is available and advanced registration is necessary.

$550 includes: 65 page Manual from the International Center for Reiki Training, additional training handouts and materials in packet, and an official Karuna Reiki Master Certificate.

Karuna Reiki®  Practitioner One and Two – Day One

·          Learn the origins of  Karuna Reiki®  and What Is Karuna Reiki®

·          Karuna Reiki®  and Connecting With Spiritual Beings

·          Karuna Symbols and how to activate them and use them in treatments.

·          Attunements for Level One and Two and Practice using Karuna in class

·          Discussion of Shadow Self


Karuna Reiki® Master Training – Day Two

·          Master Training allows you to immediately train other students once you register with the International Center for Reiki Training.

·          Discuss the Registered Karuna Reiki®

·          Karuna Reiki® Program and Master symbols

·          Demonstration of the Violet Breath and Attunement process

·          Learn how to add chanting and toning to your practice session

·          Learn the Difference between Practitioner and Master attunement

·          Learn how to teach Karuna Reik®i to others


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 Karuna Reiki Classes in New Hampshire

 May Be Scheduled At Any Time

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Level One and Two:  $250

Master Training:        $300